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Cardo Paris

It all started with a swim cap...The old swim cap... An ugly piece of plastic that makes you look like a jelly fish and marks your skin for hours. And how do you put it on anyway ? Emmanuelle Cardosi has been an enthusiast fitness swimmer for more than 20 years. There is no doubt in her mind that water sports are the best. Exercising in water tones up the muscles and massages your whole body. It also offers a much needed respite in a hectic daily schedule. The swimsuit is designed to be a second skin and to make you feel like the mythological Naiad. Precisely, the Naiads is a professional synchronized swimming team performing across the world. They have been devoted testers and brand ambassador since the beginning. Today, CARDO Paris is proud to offer a comprehensive range of comfortable, performant and elegant swimwear and swim related accessories : swimsuit, swim cap, towel and waterproof ballerina shoes. We are already looking forward extending our collection spurred by our motto: NEVER GIVE UP ON STYLE!

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