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De Gayier is a brand of interior decoration objects that is defined by : Its "Parisian cool" spirit: De Gayier is Parisian style, revisited with a cool, soothing and convivial spirit. Its strong commitment to sustainability: "consuming less but better" has been at the heart of the brand since its inception in 2018. Zero plastic and the choice of exclusively natural materials to respect the resources of our dear Earth. Authenticity and quality: African art and craftsmanship are developing. De Gayier, it is the choice and the creation of authentic and quality decoration objects 100% "made in Africa", coming from (and not inspired by) the unique know-how of local African craftsmen. its commitment and social responsibility: by highlighting Senegalese craftsmanship and more broadly West Africa, De Gayier is resolutely committed to the economic development of these countries (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, etc.). De Gayier also supports the Xaleyi association for the education of children in Senegal.