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Love and Swans

As a participants in one of the most polluting industries (Fashion), we understand our responsibility to reduce harm to our planet. So what we doing: 1. Being Local - Our lingerie is hand crafted in a small workshop. L&S team are 95% female, from artist to top management. Our main principle is «win-win», so all employees get a fair salary. Our beading embroidery is make by women, many of whom had little or no income. 2. Focusing on Quality - We use very high quality fabrics and materials. We believe, that quality is the best way to be sustainable. 3. Do not overproduce - We produce lingerie in small batches. 4. Using FSC Papers / 0% of plastics - We use Geami Ranpak™ protective paper wrap solutions instead of plastic bubble wrap in our transport packaging, and trust us — it's great! 5. Constantly looking for improvements - We are absolutely confident that sustainable development is an ongoing process, and we do everything so that not only Love & Swans, but also our contractors understand the importance of this for all of us in our shared future!

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