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Love and Swans

Love & Swans tells eternal, archetypal stories and myths through embroidery, embellished with beads, gems, and natural pearls. There are lingerie sets that narrate Japanese legends, Ancient Greek myths, Latin American tales of Santa Muerte, and more (for example, the extravagant story of that rascal Cupid, who got lost in the rainforest or a classic pulp-fiction detective story on the lingerie top "Crime Scene"). You can find extended versions or sequels of these stories on cards attached to each of our sets. For your convenience, in this catalog, we have placed the cards after each product page, but you won't find them on our social media or website. It's a secret exclusive to our customers! Simultaneously, our brand's unique approach to visual design is combined with tangible comfort, thanks to our wireless bodice design and choice of materials — we exclusively use flexible lingerie meshes

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