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Expose Yourself - Agathe D. Muffert, Opaak

Updated on 25 June 2020
Expose Yourself interview with Agathe D. Muffert, the owner and founder of the German lingerie brand Opaak.

Your hidden spot : I always find the gardens in the middle of cities. Quite oasises in the center of chaos.


Your lucky number : I never believed in lucky numbers 🙂


The inescapable color : I answer with a quote by Neiman Marcus – “Women who wear black live colourful lives”


A love Song  : CITIZENS! – True Romance


One movie to watch over and over again : I am love (2009)


© Agathe D. Muffert

© Neiman Marcus quote

© Citizens! - True Romance

© I am love, Tilda Swinton

A drink to celebrate : Negroni



One pic to remember :




One artist to be locked up with : Photographer Viviane Sassen

© Viviane Sassen

Food for thought: share a recipe : https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019972-vegetarian-red-borscht

Coming from Poland, my favorite soup and an energy booster.



Your Motto : Love it, leave it or change it.