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Expose Yourself - Simon & Bastien, Domestique

Updated on 17 April 2020
Expose Yourself Questionnaire with Simon & Bastien, the founders of the French accessories brand Domestique.

Your hidden spot : Le Caveau Montpensier, former stables just behind Les Jardins du Palais Royal.


Your lucky number : 7-3 = 4 – We are a duo, Bastien is the 7 and Simon is the 3. Seven minus three equals four.


The inescapable color : Deep Red


A love song  : At each of our birthdays we have a shot of Fredo: FRED BLONDIN – Elle allume des bougies 


One movie to watch over and over again : Une époque formidable. No further information.

© Le Caveau Montpensier

© Source : Pinterest

© Source : Pinterest

© Une époque formidable

A drink to celebrate : Anything except water. Otherwise the cocktails of our friend Greg Kohler.


One artist to be locked up with : Steve Carell in the characters he played in «  The Office » or in « The Dinner »




One pic to remember : One of Guy Bourdin’s polaroids

© Guy Bourdin

Food for thought – share a recipe : Croissants filled with PDO ham, sprinkled with crushed almonds, served with Thai white rice. For two people count six servings. A classic from bakery but gastronomic at domestique.


Your Motto : «  À l’aventure! » (Private joke but so real)