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Expose Yourself - Zuzanna Kuczynska, Le Petit Trou

Updated on 25 March 2020
Expose Yourself Questionnaire with Zuzanna Kuczynska - the founder of the Polish brand Le Petit Trou.

Your hidden spot : My rooftop


Your lucky number : 24 ! The number follows me everywhere. I’m not certain, but i’d like to believe that’s my lucky number.


The inescapable color : Gold


A love song : Serge Gainsbourg – le poinconneur des Lilas


One movie to watch over and over again : Stealing Beauty by Bernardo Bertolucci


© Source: Pinterest

© Source: Pinterest

© Stealing Beauty

A drink to celebrate : Lemon Margarita


One pic to remember : The one from my rooftop, even on quarantine it gives me a sens of space and freedom, which we all need so badly right now.


One artist to be locked up with : Mario Sorrenti


Food for thought – share a recipe : Chicory is my go to, whenever i’m high or low. and it ‘s the best to eat with: lemon, olive oil, pinch of salt and one clove of garlic.


© Mario Sorrenti

Your Motto : Everything happens for a reason !