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Expose Yourself - Elena Gatsenko, Mew Swim

Updated on 14 December 2020
Expose Yourself Interview with Elena Gatsenko, the owner and founder of the Los Angeles based swimwear brand Mew Swim.

Your hidden spot : An empty beach in Palawan, Philippines 


Your lucky number : 13


The inescapable color : PINK 


A love song  : Le temps de l’amour – Françoise Hardy 

© Palawan, Philippines 

© Pinterest

© Pinterest

© Françoise Hardy

One movie to watch over and over again : Sailor Moon



A drink to celebrate : Umeshy (Japanese plum wine)



One pic to remember :

© Elena Gatsenko

One artist to be locked up with : Alexander McQueen



Food for thought – share a recipe : ‘banagna’ (my made-up name)- it’s like a Caribbean lasagna made entirely out of plantain, a friend from Martinique made it for me once and it’s amazing !



Your Motto : Always want more.