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Expose Yourself - Simone Wild

Updated on 26 March 2020
Expose Yourself Questionnaire with Simone Wild - the founder of the German brand Simone Wild, ex Velvet Sock's by Simone Wild.

Your hidden spot : An over over oversized sweatshirt


Your lucky number : 9


One movie to watch over and over again : James Bond


© Source: Pinterest

© James Bond, Sean Connery

A drink to celebrate : Campari Orange to celebrate arrival of Summer


One artist to be locked up with : My husband is a Tattoo Artist – that’s a quite good choice 😉


Food for thought – share a recipe : That’s a funny story – these days, a meal from my last Paris trip was in my mind and I tried to recreate it just from my memory of the taste, and share it with my friends. I didn’t even know how this meal was called – but you for sure do because it’s really French 😉




Your Motto : Escape the ordinary !