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Expose Yourself - Sarah Stagliano, Henriette H

Updated on 07 April 2020
Expose Yourself Questionnaire with Sarah Stagliano, the founder of the lingerie brand Henriette H.

Your hidden spot : Les Calanques de Marseille


Your lucky number : I don’t have any.


The inescapable color : White and all of its nuances.


A love song  : I’m your man by Léonard Cohen


One movie to watch over and over again : Thelma and Louise


A drink to celebrate : Vodka!

© Les Calanques de Marseille

© Léonard Cohen

© Thelma and Louise

© Marilyn Monroe

One artist to be locked up with : Louise Bourgeois




A pic to remember : This photo of Dominique Issermann

© Dominique Issermann

Food for thought – share a recipe : The Alice’s recipes are extraordinary ! Follow them on one of her instagram stories. I test them all and it really inspires me




Your Motto : Honni soit qui mal y pense