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Expose Yourself - Agnete Bjerre-Madsen, Moons and Junes

Updated on 11 November 2020
Expose Yourself interview with Agnete Bjerre-Madsen, the owner and founder of the Copenhagen based lingerie brand Moons and Junes.

Your hidden spot :  Fanø! A small island on the west coast of Denmark.


The inescapable color  :

1) to be emersed in: forest green, 2) as a picture on a wall: Klein blue


A love song : “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros or May I have this Dance” by Francis and the Lights & Chance the rapper


One movie to watch over and over again : “As it is in Heaven”. A Swedish movie from 2015 by Kay Pollak.


Your lucky number : 15


© Fanø Island

© Pinterest

© Pinterest

© As it is in Heaven

© Pinterest

A drink to celebrate : Kombucha



One artist to be locked up with : Billie Eilish – she seems cool, we’d have a good time.



One pic to remember : This picture of Isold shot by Petra Kleis from our latest campaign, Notice



© Petra Kleis

Food for thought – share a recipe : Sauer Kraut! All you need is 2kg of white cabbage and three 3tbs of salt. Simply rinse and shred the cabbage and massage the salt into cabbage for 2 mins, then wait 2 mins and then repeat! Apply pressure to the cabbage and squeeze it tightly, so it’s all covered by its own brine. Cover and leave in a dark place in cool room temperature. Ready in just five days (but can be leave it there for up to six weeks). YUM



Your Motto : I don’t have a moto… but if I did, it would be something about relaxing a little, calming down and not stressing so much. Hm, maybe not to take life too seriously?