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Expose Yourself - Georgia Campbell, Miss Crofton

Updated on 18 May 2020
Expose Yourself Questionnaire with Georgia Campbell, the founder of the UK lingerie brand Miss Crofton.

Your hidden spot : Hampstead Heath Ponds in North London  


Your lucky number : 8 


The inescapable color : Dusty pink  


A love song  : At Last – Etta James  


One movie to watch over and over again : The Hours  

© Hampstead heath ponds

© Pinthemall.net

© Pinterest

© Etta James

© The Hours

A drink to celebrate : Negroni  



One artist to be locked up with : Cillian Murphy  




One pic to remember* :  By Ren Hang

© Ren Hang

Food for thought – share a recipe :  ‘Pan con tomate‘ aka tomato with bread  

  • Grated ripe tomatoes, garlic, olive oil. Spread on some luxury toast. Gets me every time !




Your Motto : Self consciousness kills creativity.  Get your blinkers on!